Trenkwalder CIVET 2000 SHPK

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Trenkwalder CIVET 2000 SHPK is an organisation, which operates in the area of services such as: market research, information, training and events organisation in Albania. Since 2005, Trenkwalder CIVET 2000 SHPK has been involved in EU funded projects under FP6. It undertakes market research in the field of Vocational Education and Training (VET), Business Development Service (BDS) on behalf of domestic and foreign customers. It is part of the working groups for the development of VET policy paper and also facilitates the dialogue among the VET stakeholders in the country within the CARDS II project in Albania. Trenkwalder CIVET 2000 SHPK offers a wide range of training programmes such as Management and Leadership, Facilitation Skills, Consulting Techniques, Presentation and Communication, Conflict Management etc. and realises the technical organisation of events, offering professional facilitation, translation and technical arrangements such as in the national fair in VET in Albania, Lifelong Learning Week, etc.



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Rr. Bogdani, P.7, Ap. 4B, PO.Box 2978
4B Tirana


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